Liana For Student Council

We study hard, and we deserve to be heard. I am Liana Hawa, your group candidate.
I have my student council website so that, from your couch, at home, you can ask or complain about anything and it will be immediately heard.
It's not me who says yes or no, it's you, all of you, on the app, who click Like or Dislike for each idea
not just those that we have today but also for those we will have in the future.
By choosing me, you have the power to speak and be heard every day, not just before the elections.
It's easy, try it here:

  • 1. Click to Propose your ideas
  • 2. Click to Decide: Like or Dislike the online ideas
  • 3. Click to Evaluate the results
  • 4. Celebrate !
  • This way, when others talk about 1 or 2 or 10 items, I offer you a voice to talk about as many as you can submit.
    By choosing me, you are choosing your own voice, you are choosing Yourself !!!
    Vote For Hi-Tech Liana to get your demands accomplished !

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